Brushstroke Group

Roy Lichtenstein’s 1996 sculpture “Brushstroke Group” was created at full scale in 2001 ( 4 years after Lichtenstein passed away). The sculpture is a representation of a medium in another medium: brushstrokes sculpted in three dimensions.

Commerce Square

One and Two Commerce Square designed by IM Pei in 1985 anchor the East and West side of a public plaza designed by Laurie Olin. Olin and Pei’s design for Commerce square came during a spike in the construction of office buildings along West Market Street. 

Swann Memorial Fountain

Dr. Wilson Cary Swann created the Philadelphia Fountain Society for horses, who in the hot Philadelphia summer of 1869, needed water throughout the city. Swann Memorial Fountain ( named after Dr. Wilson Cary Swann) opened in 1924 with sculptures by Alexander Stirling Calder and design by Wilson Eyre, Jr.