Moto Designshop's Walnut Estates

In the context of the society hill towers and neighboring the Bookbinder’s building, Moto Designshop’s 2014 Walnut Estates features a typical Philadelphia material in an atypical fashion. The single-wythe white brick screen provides shade from the direct southern sun along with privacy to the residents inside. 

Swann Memorial Fountain

Dr. Wilson Cary Swann created the Philadelphia Fountain Society for horses, who in the hot Philadelphia summer of 1869, needed water throughout the city. Swann Memorial Fountain ( named after Dr. Wilson Cary Swann) opened in 1924 with sculptures by Alexander Stirling Calder and design by Wilson Eyre, Jr. 

Merchant’s Exchange Building

Designed by William Strickland in the Greek Revival style, “The Merchant’s Exchange Building” was completed in 1934. The building was established by a group of Philadelphians (including Stephen Girard) to serve as a single hub for business and financial matters of the city.