El Gran Teatro de la Luna

In 1982 Artist Rafael Ferrer created the interplay of vividly painted characters “El Gran Teatro de la Luna”. Before being replaced in 2012 at Fairhill Square in West Kensington, Ferrer re-visited the sculpture in an opportunity to revive and evolve the original work. 

Brushstroke Group

Roy Lichtenstein’s 1996 sculpture “Brushstroke Group” was created at full scale in 2001 ( 4 years after Lichtenstein passed away). The sculpture is a representation of a medium in another medium: brushstrokes sculpted in three dimensions.

Commerce Square

One and Two Commerce Square designed by IM Pei in 1985 anchor the East and West side of a public plaza designed by Laurie Olin. Olin and Pei’s design for Commerce square came during a spike in the construction of office buildings along West Market Street. 

Moto Designshop's Walnut Estates

In the context of the society hill towers and neighboring the Bookbinder’s building, Moto Designshop’s 2014 Walnut Estates features a typical Philadelphia material in an atypical fashion. The single-wythe white brick screen provides shade from the direct southern sun along with privacy to the residents inside. 

Robert Engman's “Triune”

Artist Robert Engman joined the US Navy during World War II at the age of 15. Engman’s sculpture “Triune”  (1974) is a 20 foot tall bronze sculpture with three sweeping forms that signify the interdependence of people, government, and industry.

Comcast Innovation And Technology Center's “Urban Room”

Completed in 2019 by Foster and Partners the Comcast Innovation and Technology Center features a public “urban room” in place of a typical lobby. A nearly 60’ tall Conrad Shawcross sculpture is centralized amidst real oak trees and a wood slat / digital display ceiling that leads into Philadelphia’s public realm. 

Swann Memorial Fountain

Dr. Wilson Cary Swann created the Philadelphia Fountain Society for horses, who in the hot Philadelphia summer of 1869, needed water throughout the city. Swann Memorial Fountain ( named after Dr. Wilson Cary Swann) opened in 1924 with sculptures by Alexander Stirling Calder and design by Wilson Eyre, Jr. 

Merchant’s Exchange Building

Designed by William Strickland in the Greek Revival style, “The Merchant’s Exchange Building” was completed in 1934. The building was established by a group of Philadelphians (including Stephen Girard) to serve as a single hub for business and financial matters of the city. 

Calder's 9 Foot Tall Historical Figures

Alexander Stirling Calder’s 9-foot statues (completed in 1899) were moved from the Witherspoon building to the Presbyterian Historical Society in the 1960s. From left to right the figures are Francis Makemi, John Witherspoon, John McMillan, Samuel Davies, James Caldwell, and Marcus Whitman. 

Snøhetta’s Charles Library at Temple University

Snøhetta’s Charles Library at Temple University officially opened on September 19th, 2019. The building is a split-faced granite mass carved by wooden vaults and atriums that serve to simplify wayfinding in a complex program. 

58 N 2nd Street's Facade hides in Plain Sight

Neighboring Old City Philadelphia’s Arden theater is a 1967 ( estimated ) building at 58 N 2nd Street. This inconspicuous yet unique facade is vertically divided into thirds and horizontally divided by 5 stories below a centered triangular parapet wall. 

Roxy Paine's "Symbiosis"

Artist Roxy Paine’s 2011 sculpture “Symbiosis” is a hand welded and polished stainless steel tree. In a violent crash the tree has been shattered, but is supported by the branches of a neighbor. 

USPS WIlliam Penn Annex Delivers the Aura of a Bygone Era.

The 1937 USPS William Penn Annex was designed by Ballinger and Harry Sternfeld. The building is adorned by bas-reliefs of mail carriers by Donald De Lue.

A Changing city in an Object: Henry Moore

Three Way Piece Number 1: Points (1964) by Henry Moore sits near the Benjamin Franklin Parkway between 16th and 17th Streets in Philadelphia. This sculpture by Moore sits on three delicate points and will change its form depending on the viewer’s perspective. 

Suvero's "Iroquois" continues to dance to Philadelphia's music.

Formed by an impromptu sense of emotion in steel, Mark di Suvero works with a crane and a cherry picker to create his sculptures. “Iroquois” was completed in 1999 and was installed in its current location in 2007. 

Dora Cuenca brings color to Freedom Apothecary

On the side of Freedom Apothecary ( at 2nd and Brown in Northern Liberties ) is artist Dora Cuenca’s first outdoor Mural. Prior to the completion of this Mural in 2019, Cuenca completed artwork for the interior of Mission Taqueria. 

Fashion District Philadelphia opens on market street

Fashion District Philadelphia opened today ( Sept. 19th 2019) in place of the previous mall known as “the gallery”. Real estate investment trust PREIT along with Mayor Jim Kenney believe that this investment will help to redefine the future of East Market Street.

Girard College

Stephen Girard was a French immigrant who died as both the richest man in America and potentially one of the most charitable. Girard College was opened in 1848 (with Girard’s funding) as boarding school for orphan children of Philadelphia. 

Emmanuel Frémiet's Joan of Arc

Philadelphia’s Gilded bronze Joan of Arc statue by Emanuel Frémiet was unveiled in 1890 and moved to its current location in 1948. The French community of Philadelphia was aided by the Association for Public Art in bringing one of the most important French figures in history to Philadelphia. 

Chinatown at a Glance

Philadelphia’s Chinatown dates back to 1870, and has been one of the most active communities in challenging urban renewal. Throughout the past century resident organizations have protested expressways, prisons, and stadiums in protection of the neighborhoods architectural character.